Not too long ago, perhaps just before my last birthday, I used a free online life expectancy calculator. Inputting my age, weight, gender, income, education, health status, etc. resulted in an average life expectancy of 92 years. I am 49 now. How much do I have left?

I didn’t have…

Our colleagues at the Stanford History Education Group just completed another compelling national study that showcases, again, that our youth are drowning in their inability to determine “what is true” and thus make good decisions based on what they see, hear, and read.

This data is both critically important and…

I see a lot of posts on Medium and elsewhere on the web claiming to have secrets to passive income. Most of them are really gimmicks to sell some kind of “information” about how you can make money as a side hustle, writing, selling online, or fooling other people into…

It started with something my dog said, with his eyes. It might have been, “feed me, please”, or “pet my head, please”, or “don’t be mad because I had an accident, please”. But he is a Goldendoodle, and somehow his eyes end every message with “please”. …

He caught my attention

The fierce chickadee

Such a strange throaty roar

Easy to spot on the branch

Chest puffed out

Mouth stuffed with food

Making such a racket

The others found him too

Outing themselves for a chance

Two Jays, a Robin, two Finches, and three Cardinals

All close together surrounding the industrious fellow

He hopped more than flew

From branch to branch

Making two different calls

Both from his full mouth

My eyes and they all followed

As he took us in one direction than another

Redirecting, misdirecting, gone

New tweets drew them away

Did he wink as he returned

And we both slipped inside our homes

To feed our families

Judgment — Teach Students to State and Update Their Thinking

This morning one of my seven siblings sent a text to the family to retract information about COVID-19 he previously shared because he subsequently learned it was false. It was a dramatic reminder to me of the difficulty, even for…

Joseph Sweeney

Coffee drinking, general enthusiast. I like to read, cook, sail, and walk in the woods. Dad of teenagers, married 20+ years, probably about halfway through life

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